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(WARNING: Spoilers abound!)

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"Everytime I sleep with a woman she sees me for what I really am….empty"

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humanipathic asked: I like how before the show ended, Showtime teased a spin-off with potentially minor characters and how it's all in discussion but then pulled the bait and switch when finale aired with him alive saying, they can't conceivably do a spin-off without MCH. It would have to include him. Such money grubbing whores. Only Deb would work. To see where she could pick up the pieces w/o Dexter. Turn it into a real crime drama. Would've been amazing, but they killed her and they wore down Jen w/the stories

yeah i wouldve enjoyed a deb spinoff…

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Anonymous asked: I keep getting different answers from different places so I was hoping you could clear things up for me. Is there going to be a Dexter spin off or is it just rumoured? If so what's it going to be about?

right now, showtime has said they would be interested in continuing with the show, but michael c hall has said that he has no plans at this point but doesnt want to completely cut ties with the possibility/his relationship with showtime

obviously not verbatim but thats the jist of it 

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